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Welcome to JOURNO.news

Where journalism is free but gets paid !

“ Journo is a free app for anyone who contributes photos, or videos for media organizations and is paid individually for each piece like a freelance reporter, paparazzi, photographer etc .

Our app gives you the opportunity to upload your material and see your story broadcasted or
printed in the best media organizations around the world while you earn money from that ! ”

You can download it on your IOS or ANDROID device on GOOGLE PLAY and APPLE STORE .

Download it, register and fill the forms on how you like to get paid. That’s it !

You are a JOURNO now .

Take a photo or shoot a video, list it in one or more categories, is it Politics , is it a Riot ,
is it Celebrity or just something Funny? We cover it all!
Add keywords or a story if you like, put a price on it and you are done!

We bring you in direct contact with all media organizations , and they can buy it immediately from you !

The future of breaking news is here and it is you !